If you know a bit about Mysterio’s comic book counterpart, his alleged role in Spider-Man: Far From Home smells funky since the first time we saw the nature of his relationship with Peter. There’s a big chance he’s just a liar, and now new evidence points that way too. During an interview with the costume FX department of the film, the following came up:

Influences for Mysterio’s suit came from Thor, Iron Man, the Vision and Black Panther, according to the costume FX team, with the cape being modeled after the god of thunder’s and chest armor being something Tony Stark might make. Now, that could just be, as they said, “just to keep it all in the same realm, to see that this little superhero lives in the same world as the rest.” But within the film, Mysterio seems himself clearly visually inspired by the various Avengers as far as how he designed his own super suit.

If Quentin Beck really comes from a different Earth, why would he make his suit inspired by Avengers from Spider-Man’s Earth? Or do these heroes exist in his realm as well? It seems unlikely, considering his line in the trailer where he says his planet could have used a Spider-Man. Honestly, this looks more like evidence to Mysterio’s lies than a mere visual reference. We’ll find out more about what the design may be hinting at in less than two months when the movie drops on July 2nd.

What are your thoughts on Mysterio’s costume?

Source: Fandango