Since they were cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming last year, both Logan Marshall-Green and Donald Glover have been the centerpieces of many articles in which sites like ours wildly speculate on which Spidey supporting characters the two could be playing.

Of course this is especially hard to do without any evidence, but it does not make it any less fun. Speculation has ranged from a second Shocker to Rocket Racer to Norman Osborn and beyond, but while they are all possible, they don’t seem to fit. Having written that down, I’m now almost sure to be wrong, but with yesterday’s set visit reports, we got a little bit of info that got me to thinking.

What follows is what I learned yesterday while reading some set visits from Slashfilm and Collider:

Logan Marshall-Green plays a member of Michael Keaton’s team.


Fortunately, there was a little more:

Logan Marshall-Green plays one of Toomes’ crew. Marvel and Disney have still not revealed his character’s name, which has led to speculation that he may play a bigger role than anticipated.

If that gets you fired up, here’s what I learned about Glover’s character:

Donald Glover appears in the film, and no details have been revealed about his character. On set, no one would talk about who he was playing. At first, I assumed he signed on to appear in the movie in a small role as he was already working in Atlanta on Atlanta, but it seems like there may be more to it or at very least, they want to keep it a surprise.


Donald Glover appears in the film, and no details have been revealed about his character. On set, no one would talk about who he was playing.

The people who had the pleasure of doing these set visits and writing them up surmised that both Marshall-Green and Glover were playing characters that were being kept secret for a reason. One of them even asked director Jon Watts about it and he said, “there’s a lot of surprises and I don’t want to spoil them.” While that’s probably a sign that both actors are playing roles that would be known to Spidey fans, it is by no means any type of evidence that they can’t just be two dudes created specifically for the film.

Of course with a catalog so full of incredible characters, casting two well-recognized actors (Glover once famously campaigned to BE Spidey and Marshall-Green is most famous for not being Tom Hardy) as made up guys seems to make little sense, so I tried to do some thinking of my own to figure out who they could be. As usual, I’m just trying to connect the imaginary dots, but sometimes I get bored. In order of who I HOPE they are, here we go.


More than just about anything, I want Glover’s character to be revealed as Quentin Beck. One of the absolute best (and most ridiculous) rogues in Spidey’s collection, Beck has never made it into the films yet (that’s going to be the case with all these choices). Why Mysterio? He fits for two reasons:

  1. His down-on-his-luck backstory in the comics meshes nicely with the story we are given about how Toomes comes to turn to crime. We know misery loves company and it would make sense that Toomes might surround himself with other guys who have fallen on hard times.

  2. He actually has some pretty interesting comic book ties to the Tinkerer and the Vulture (kinda). Beck, it turns out, was kind of introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #2, the same issue as the Vulture and the Tinkerer. We didn’t know we had met Beck until issue #13, but it was revealed he had been one of the goons dressed as an alien working with the Tinkerer.

Mysterio is an absolute must in my mind for this latest iteration of Spidey. Given his ties to the Tinkerer in the original comics, the down and out nature of this team of baddies and the fact that Glover could pull it off, this is my #1 hope for him in the film.


Another character who fits the theme of Toomes’ crew is Abner Jenkins. Jenkins didn’t debut in Spidey comics (he debuted in Strange Tales #123) but became a Spidey villain later before moving on to the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts (more on those in a minute). Jenkins is a skilled airplane mechanic who tired of his low-paying job and opted to apply his considerable skills to building a Beetle suit and entering a life of crime. Marshall-Green could take on the role of Jenkins, one that could expand considerably for the 40-year old actor.

Originally I thought that Abner Jenkins would be a nice option for an atagonist in 2018’s Ant-Man and The Wasp, but then something about Marshall-Green jumped out and made me reconsider. If Sony and Marvel Studios are really working on solid ground, eventually some of these Spidey characters could appear in non-Spidey MCU films. If that’s the case, Jenkins would be a great option. Should Marvel Studios eventually deploy the Thunderbolts (whether in their own film or in another hero’s film), having the Beetle alongside Baron Zemo would give them a good start.

Just to be safe, literally everything I said about why Marshall-Green would make a good Jenkins applies to why Marshall-Green would make a great Fixer (the Norbert Ebersol version), who was also a member of the Thunderbolts.


This is my underdog for Glover. I love the Prowler because I love that he, like several other Spidey villains, turns over a new leaf and becomes a good guy. Something about Peter Parker inspires people to be better (which is unfortunate because Parker is like a heads-down penny that keeps showing up).

Hobie Brown was a brilliant guy who lived a hard knock life. He had some great gadgets in his self-made Prowler suit (he even accidentally helped the Vulture design his new suit in the comics) and, for a short time, used them to live a life of crime. After meeting up with Spidey, he changed gears and became a hero and one of Parker’s most trusted friends (he has even taken over as Spidey from time to time). As much as I need to see Mysterio, thinking about Glover filling the role of Brown and watching him make the switch from baddie to trusted ally makes it hard not to root for this underdog character!

The Looter

If Marshall-Green is destined to be a one-and-done character in the MCU, then maybe someone such as the Looter is a good choice. Norman Fester, aka The Looter, was a thief who sort of made his living (and gained his powers) through an “alien” artifact. Fester discovered a meteor and while digging into it for secrets, was hit with some gas that granted him powers. An easy transition could be made from a meteor to having him powered by Chitauri tech, like the scene of Marshall-Green and Glover shooting that gun in the trailers. Fester later went by the name Meteor Man and did some damage, but is hardly on the A, B or even C-lists of Spidey villains.

With 3 months to go until release, I don’t expect Marvel and Sony to suddenly give away the identities of Glover and Marshall-Green so we’re likely to have to wait. What do you guys think about these options? Can you see these characters entering into the MCU or do you like some of the previous suggestions/rumors? Let me know!

Sources: Slashfilm and Collider