There are still some high-profile characters that have yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of their craziest characters is Namor the Sub-Mariner, the ruler of Atlantis in the Marvel Universe. His origin is quite similar to that of Aquaman, as he is the son of a human and the princess of Atlantis. He also was a mutant and became part of Captain America’s Invaders team. He was also the one who found the capcyle in the original comic that introduced us to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Many wondered if he would finally make his debut in the MCU and it seems that there is some consideration for it to happen, which Erick Weber found out during a special screening of Black Panther.

There is no official confirmation that he will make an appearance anytime soon but it is good to know he is being considered. The character has been known to appear as a villain or anti-hero due to his protective nature towards Atlantis. His ties with Captain America could be used to bring back Chris Evans and reveal a part of his history that The First Avenger skipped on. There were rumors that the rights for Namor have returned to Marvel a while back, as it was thought that Universal shared the rights, similar to Hulk’s current situation. Quite a few actors already threw their hats into the ring to play the character, such as Brian Tee and even IP Man Donnie Yen. It will be interesting to see if an announcement will be made as Kevin Feige continues to plan out beyond Eternals and Black Widow, which might be released in 2020.

What do you think of Namor appearing the MCU? What story would you hope to see?

Source: Twitter

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