The news of Natalie Portman returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as female Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder made quite a buzz in this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

There are only a few details that have been revealed about the movie but Portman shared an Instagram story of a pile of comics that she is reading which revolves around the Mighty Thor. This was later shared by a tweet from the creator of the Jane Foster Thor, Jason Aaron, which he describes that she is getting ready for the role which is sure to excite fans.

The Mighty Thor is the mantle picked up by Jane Foster when she became worthy of Mjolnir. It will be interesting to see the story of how Jane becomes worthy and how it differs from the comics. Mjolnir, from what we can gather in the current canon of the MCU, isn’t a sentient object like, say, Doctor Strange’s cape. It doesn’t turn its wielder into an Asgardian being from top to bottom. For now, we are a long way from Thor’s next adventure and we expect to see more developments along the way.

Source: Twitter