These past couple of weeks have been really generous with regards to new Thor: Love and Thunder set photos. Not too long ago, we saw Chris Hemsworth don a new outfit inspired by Thunderstrike as he stood a couple of his Guardians of the Galaxy cohorts. The past few days saw the release of new photos featuring Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, and Melissa McCarthy in their respective Asgardian thespian roles reenacting the events of Thor: Ragnarok. And today, we finally have some photos of Natalie Portman looking HELLA ripped and totally ready to play the new Goddess of Thunder.

Some set videos have also surfaced depicting Portman in a harness getting lifted up and presumably zapped by some CGI energy. The scene being filmed is somewhat reminiscent of the Aether scenes in Thor: The Dark World but I imagine this will be drastically different. I’ve seen some people say this is could be where she gets her Thor powers for the first time which could very well be the case. All in all, it’s absolutely amazing to see Portman look this ripped.