A few weeks back, we kicked of a new weekly feature titled From Comics to Cinema, and in the inaugural write-up, we tackled the subject of Riri Williams becoming Iron Man in the comics. In that same post, we noted how sooner or later, Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr. would have to part ways, and when that were to happen, they’d be left without a face to their most popular character: Iron Man. Even though we could be more than a few years away from seeing this swap happen, with Rhodey partially paralyzed Riri is the most likely option to carry on the franchise. Granted, this could all depend on how well this passing of the mantle is accepted by the reading public, but the initial reaction to the announcement was excitement. Due to that excitement, word spread about this upcoming change and now we have our first actress expressing interest in tackling this role on the big screen.

During last week’s four day event known as San Diego Comic-Con, Games of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel was in attendance. At the panel, she was asked what character she would like to portray in the future, and while it does not appear she may know that Riri will become Iron Man sooner rather than later, Emmanuel is interested in taking on that challenge.

I quite like the Iron Man films. There seems to be this issue of women in technology and science films and things like that, and I think the idea of playing some sort of science whiz that also kicks butt like Iron Man could be fun.

It is probably too early to start wondering who could play Riri Williams on the big screen, as I imagine when Downey does eventually decide to retire the suit, Marvel will let the character sit on the shelf for a brief period of time. If this was a character that was being introduced in Phase 3 then Emmanuel could be a great fit, but unless they decide to age her up significantly, this is likely more just a cool fantasy. Emmanuel turned 27 earlier this year and outside of Game of Thrones, she has made her way into big franchises by being in Furious 7 last year and set to return in Fast 8. If Marvel does decide to go the Riri route in a few years, I anticipate them sticking to a young, super genius, black girl.

Source: GamesRadar