With Black Panther‘s release on the horizon, we finally got the official set visit that gives us a first real glimpse at what we can expect from the film’s very unique setting. Marvel Studios knows that they have an important task at bringing the futuristic city of Wakanda to life and paying respects to its African roots. There is a very strong mythology that the film must build upon, something which we got a small glimpse of in Captain America: Civil War, as T’Challa talked about his father’s views on the afterlife. Fans of the comics know that former Black Panthers still play a vital role in passing on their knowledge and experience to the current man holding the title. We now have a confirmation from executive producer Nate Moore that we will, in fact, see the famous City of the Dead, also known as the Necropolis, in the film.

In the architecture and some of the dressing you’ll get an idea of Panthers throughout the centuries. I think we’ll see a little bit of it but I don’t know that it’ll be a big part of the film.

He describes this iconic building as a combination of the lush world of Pandora from Avatar and Game of Thrones‘ Westeros. It is a fitting description, as in the comics, the Necropolis has gone through many different variations, sometimes making it seem like ruins of Wakanda. The way he describes it as being lush is quite interesting, as a while back we got a piece of artwork that may have hinted at a first draft that was made for the City of the Dead.

The first trailer had a short sequence with T’Challa walking towards a tree in what looks like a fever dream, where he is greeted by a group of panthers. There is the possibility that he ends up in this dream after entering the Necropolis. Moreover, a place filled with such history will certainly be an interesting backdrop for a sequence revealing more of Wakanda’s past. Moore points to it only having a minor role in the film, it could work as a nice build up towards the large fight in Avengers: Infinity War if one of the Infinity Stones actually was being kept hidden in Wakanda.

Are you looking forward to seeing the City of the Dead? What do you hope to see happen?

Source: io9