After an excellent first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which was a hit among both fans and critics alike, Netflix has just announced that they’re moving forward with season two. For fans that have already finished the series, the show did a good job at tying loose ends around the first season’s plot while still opening up a whole other plot for a potential second season, so it’s exciting to think about where Melissa Rosenberg and company plan to take Jessica’s story in season two.

Marvel’s most daring TV series has been renewed for a second season, EW has learned.

Netflix confirmed the news during its the Television Critics Association’s press tour sessions on Sunday.

We can also tell you the second season will be another 13 episodes, and that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is back on board. But there was premiere date yet announced.

As we speculated in a recent one shot, there is no production date for the second season of Jessica Jones yet, and according to Netflix, that’s because they have to work out The Defenders schedule first.

Still, it’s exciting to know that they are moving forward with a second season of Jessica Jones!

You can currently stream the first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix, along with the first season of Daredevil.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.