Netflix pushes out a ton of original series each year and much to the joy of techies like me, almost all of it is shot with 4K cameras and looks absolutely brilliant on today’s best TVs. However, there’s a new technology on the horizon ─ HDR.

HDR or High Dynamic Range doesn’t change anything regarding the resolution of what’s displayed on your TV, but rather, it enhances what you can get out of those pixels by enhancing the colors and shadows in each shot. Seeing HDR content vs standard content is a huge difference, but few shows take advantage of the tech.



So far, Marvel’s Netflix series have all been shot and released in 4K, but only Daredevil has been released in HDR. Now, Netflix is confirming that all of Marvel’s shows on Netflix will be re-released in HDR soon. That includes season 1 of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but it’s unclear if The Defenders, Iron Fist, and future shows will be released in HDR right off the bat.

We’ve been in partnership with Netflix and Dolby and Marvel in really being the cutting edge of doing HDR. Everybody sort of takes a step back. When you guys see what it can do, it’s absolutely amazing for the filmmakers, for the TV creators, for everyone. It opens up, visually, a new world. Basically, everything after a camera goes through a color correction process. What that means is shot to shot, scene to scene, the color is adjusted such that it helps to tell the story and is pleasing to the eye.