Here is a nice surprise shortly before San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel TV has released an animated version of The Punisher‘s logo. We did get our first look at it with D23’s poster release, but now we actually get to see it in its full glory. One key part of the logo has been missing up until now, the famous skull. The poster did include it on Jon Bernthal‘s chest armor, which made some wonder if the logo will not include it. Well, it seems like we finally have our answer to that very question.

The character had many different logos to chose from over the course of his run on comics. It was going to be interesting what direction they will take with it and given the fact that this version of Punisher‘s skull is spray-painted on body armor, it actually makes a lot of sense for this direction. He will be continuing his war journal in the streets, so a more graffiti-based design fits the direction of the show that was teased.

It seems that Marvel TV is gearing up for an SDCC announcement for the show. Last year, they went all out and published teasers and trailers for all upcoming shows, so it is a good bet we might see the same happen again. The Punisher is still planned to release in 2017, so we also might get a release date. Most people are focused on August’s release of The Defenders, but it is a perfect time to give the hardened soldier some more attention.

What do you think? Are we going to get some info at SDCC?