Marvel has a rather large slate of programming planned for Netflix. Luke Cage is premiering September 30, Iron Fist is currently filming, The Punisher and The Defenders are scheduled to film later this year, and Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been granted seasons three and two, respectively. We know what we are getting from Marvel on Netflix, what we haven’t been told is when we are getting it. With all that was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, this was my one request, and it was denied.

However, at the Television Critics Association Netflix Panel today, a little bit of information was given regarding the order that the upcoming shows will be released.

This doesn’t answer many questions. We already knew that Luke Cage was coming next, and since Iron Fist is filming before any of the other properties, it was easy to infer that this show would debut after. This does clear up the order of when The Punisher and The Defenders would be released, but considering that the original agreement was to introduce the four characters and then have them come together in one show, this isn’t very surprising. But it’s confirmation that The Punisher, Jessica Jones season two, and Daredevil season three will all come after The Defenders.

However, what we still don’t know is how frequently shows will be released. Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Television said last year that they would still be waiting six months between each show’s premiere. This was before The Punisher came into the mix, so hopefully with such a large line-up, Netflix is demanding more frequent releases. Otherwise, we could be waiting until 2019 for some of the shows that have already been green-lit, and even longer for Luke Cage or Iron Fist if they get another season.

In the same manner of non-answers, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos was non-committal on if we would have to wait until he has his own show to see Jon Bernthal as The Punisher again.

So there you have it! More questions than answers, and I’m not the least bit satisfied. Do these announcements clarify anything for you? This is my favorite subject of the Marvel Universe, so let’s chat about it in the comments!

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