When the first season of Daredevil premiered, it did so to acclaim from both fans and critics alike. It was a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, full of rich characters, and set in a gritter world than we’d ever seen in any of the MCU films. The series was such a hit for the streaming service that, only twelve days later, they confirmed that it’d received a season two order. At the time, a second season wasn’t something fans thought was possible. After all, the initial report only called for a single season each for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, prior to the team-up mini-series, The Defenders. As we know now, however, that is no longer the case.

With Jessica Jones having received a pick-up for season two awhile back, and Daredevil having been renewed for a third season a week ago, not to mention the series order for The Punisher, Netflix and Marvel have a bit of an issue on their hands. As it stands, they are currently releasing their shows every six months, putting them at two shows a year. We know that both Iron Fist and The Defenders will debut at some point in 2017, and that Netflix has said that the second and third seasons of other shows, as well as The Punisher, will follow after. However, if they stick to that schedule? That would push both Daredevil season three and Jessica Jones season two all the way into 2018, and that’s a pretty freaking long wait. Especially considering we’ve already gotten two seasons of Daredevil.

Thankfully, it appears Netflix head Ted Sarandos seems to agree with this. During yesterday’s TCA panel, Sarandos stated that they’re hoping to find a way to make their Marvel shows quicker. However, when presented with the question on whether they’d be able to strive for five shows a year, as they now have a total of five solo shows after the inclusion of The Punisher, Sarandos stated he feared that by doing so, the quality of the shows could go down.

“I doubt that we could produce at the quality that they produce at that speed. But we’re gonna try to make them quicker so we can get less downtime between them.”

Realistically, they can go up to three shows a year. There would have to be some overlap in production, however, it’s entirely possible to have multiple projects going at once. (In fact, Luke Cage was still filming when Iron Fist kicked off production.) Right now, their schedule has them filming one show for 5-6 months, with the next show’s writing room opening up during that time-frame. Once a show wraps production, there’s maybe a week break before they enter production on the next title. Essentially, they film year round, but only one Marvel show at a time. If they want to start producing shows more quickly, while still retaining quality, they need to shift that schedule a bit.

For example, we know that the writers room is open on The Defenders, and given that Jessica Jones has added another executive producer recently, we can only assume that writers room is now open too. The plan, according to Krysten Ritter, is for The Defenders to film first and then for the second season of Jessica Jones to go into production shortly after. Kind of like how The Defenders will follow Iron Fist into production. In these circumstances, where the actors are doing multiple shows back to back (as leads), it makes sense to run the production this way. However, regarding the solo shows? There’s no reason Jessica Jones and The Punisher, or Jessica Jones and Daredevil, can’t film concurrently. Treat the Netflix shows like the movies, where the solo shows are their own thing, and there’ll be no reason they can’t film simultaneously.

For now, you can re-watch the fist two seasons of Daredevil, as well as the first season of Jessica Jones, until September 30th – when Luke Cage finally debuts.

Source: IGN.