Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled the latest piece of art for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this one for the episode titled “Afterlife”, and it’s pretty great.

These past few episodes have really set things up for an explosive confrontation between the “real” S.H.I.E.L.D. and Coulson’s team, and this art by Dave Johnson really does a fantastic job at showing just how divided Coulson’s team is right now.

Along with the art reveal, EW posted an interview with Jeff Bell, and he talked about about Tuesday’s episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. and what we can expect with the arrival of the latest Inhuman, Lincoln (Luke Mitchell).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I love how this depicts the two opposing factions of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then stemming off of Coulson, where everyone’s allegiance lies. That was one of the first things I was really drawn to.

JEFF BELL: I just love that Dave Johnson draws Coulson as a super badass. He’s like, no nonsense, the guy in charge. I always liked his 100 Bullets covers, and it sort of brings that same kind of aloof agent figure to Coulson. He’s never had such a great jaw. [laughs]

Fitz and Simmons are featured prominently on Coulson’s side, and there’s been a lot of focus lately on their different reactions to the events that have happened to the team. Does that get explored a little more?

With FitzSimmons, one of the things we’ve tried to do over the course of the year is split them up and bring them back together, and split them up and bring them back together. And they’ve really been on opposite sides of this whole alien thing, this whole, “can we trust Coulson?” “Are powered people okay?” And how they feel about Skye. And so they both have a hand in how this story plays out. It’s a way to sort of highlight the story their characters have been on for the last number of episodes, and for Fitz especially, who’s really not been out on missions since last year. Getting Fitz out and doing something different is fun. We’re getting into the home stretch here, the last few where everything sort of picks up momentum, and hopefully all our different threads come together in a surprising and magical and yet logical way.

I know he’s not technically represented in the poster, but because he’ll have a big part in this episode, can you talk a little bit about **Luke Mitchell’s character and what meeting him will mean for Skye?**

Meeting Luke’s character in the Inhuman world is just setting up a new dynamic. We’re taking her into a group with a whole bunch of different people. So far, we’ve seen that there’s a guy with no eyes, and there’s a woman who now is covered in thorns. And as in the X-Men world, there are a handful of people who look more like them, but a lot of them turn out to be just attractive people with powers. And we thought, “Hey, let’s have some of those as well!” [laughs] We were looking for a new character to come on, and Luke just really impressed us. He was a good actor, had a nice quality, and we felt he might be a good person to sort of usher Skye into this other world.

You’ll be able to purchase the print for “Afterlife” by heading over here tomorrow afternoon. It’ll cost you $49.99 (plus s&h and tax) and it is limited to 100 copies.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.