We are only one week away from the premiere of Luke Cage on Netflix, and following the release of recent posters for Misty Knight played by Simmon Missick, and Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, as well as Theo Rossi’s Shades, Marvel has continued their trend of posters teasing the protagonists. The latest character to receive their own poster is none other than Mariah Dillard played by Alfre Woodard. And while it’s great to get another look at her character, one we haven’t seen much of at this point, it’s the tagline that will immediately catch your attention.


We know there is certain to be a huge power struggle as the hero, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), tries to return power back to the community and away from the gangster element of Harlem. However, it would appear that Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth, the most obvious obstacle for our hero, may not be the biggest antagonist of the series. I don’t think audiences would be surprised if it turns out his politician sister, Mariah Dilliard, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Essentially, a successful political career can only get off the ground with help, most importantly in the form of Capitol, which she is all too willing to accept.

The true power that Luke Cage (aka Power Man) could be up against, isn’t the one operating from the shadows, but the one that’s out in front of the camera and in the public eye. Do you think Woodard could be secretly pulling all the strings? Let us know in the comments.

Source: THR