Avengers: Infinity War is still fresh in our memories but Marvel Studios is not taking a break anytime soon. July will bring us the next film in the franchise, Ant-Man and the Wasp which will give us the return of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. We will finally see her done the costume of the Wasp as they finally try to save her mother, who will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer. The film will take place before the events of Infinity War that could build up an important plotline for Avengers 4. Luckily, to help build up some more hype for the upcoming film, Marvel released a brand new teaser.

This trailer takes a strong focus on the villain Ghost and gives Scott some spotlight. Given the new addition to the title, the Wasp will be one of the major highlights of the film. Still, it is nice to see Scott be his usual goofy self and he will continue to be a great foil to the more serious cast. It is interesting that they are highlighting Ghost as the main antagonist, which could be a misdirect by the marketing team as we know that there are other villains at play, who were hinted at in the first two trailers. It once again highlights that the upcoming film will be more of a comedy that will hopefully help balance out the dramatic experience that was Infinity War.

What are your thoughts on the TV spot? What are you looking forward to happening?

Source: YouTube

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