We’re exactly one week away from the release of Ant-Man, and ComicBookMovie.com has managed to get their hands on a bunch of new stills from the film to help get fans excited.

While most of the stills released by Marvel this far have focused on Lang trying to use the suit, these stills seem to focus more on showcasing Lang in control of the suit. In the stills below, we see both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket shrinking down to fight, showing off the excellent use of macro photography in the film. We also get our best look yet at Lang’s army of ants.

Check out the latest stills below!

Along with these new stills, Marvel has released yet another WHIH News video, this time showing security footage of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) breaking into the Vista Corp CEO’s estate, which leads to Lang getting five years in prison.

Ant-Man hits movie theaters in exactly one week. Tickets are currently available through both Fandango & MovieTickets.com.

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Sources: ComicBookMovie.com & WHIH YouTube.