Just Jared has released a new batch of photographs from the Avengers 4 set.  The photos feature a team of four characters: Captain America, Tony Stark, Ant-Man, and Hulk.  All the characters have some of the CGI dots on them, so it is hard to tell if Stark is out of costume or just mo-capping Iron Man.  Given that Mark Ruffalo is in a full motion capture suit, it would seem that this is Stark out of armor.

Two interesting factors show up in the photos.  First of all, Captain America is wearing an old suit.  That is pretty clearly the (oft-maligned) Avengers suit.  Later suits are not as colorful and don’t have full red and white stripes on the torso.  Ant-Man, however, seems to be in a newer suit.  At the very least, Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang didn’t have a superhero persona during that era of Cap costume.  Why the mixture of an old costume with a newer one?  Does this point to rumors that time travel or a return to the Battle of New York are in play for Avengers 4?

Following up on that rumor, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Rudd are all wearing some kind of device on their hands.  While there is no explanation as to why they are wearing them, one possibility is that they are some sort of tether that connects them to the present as they explore the past via time travel.  Another thought is that they are similar to the alert devices the Illuminati keep with them in the Jonathan Hickman run of “Avengers” and “Secret Avengers.”

Do you want time travel to be part of the plot of Avengers 4?  Does it seem interesting to return to the Battle of New York?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Just Jared