A couple of months ago, some images revealing new specialized Quantum Suits for the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame surfaced online. A portion of the fans doubted the validity of the images with some claiming it simply looked odd. Well, we may be able to put those doubts to rest because the actual toys featuring the suits have been spotted in public. tmnforever

The biggest surprise to us here is the inclusion of Valkyrie in the line which we think suggests the return of her character. Of course, there’s a chance her inclusion in this toyline may be exclusive to merchandise but with Spidey and Black Panther included, characters that will likely appear in Avengers: Endgame some capacity, a Valkyrie appearance seems fairly logical. Heck, her braided hair in this photo doesn’t match her previous look in Thor:Ragnarok so it’s a new look. Her survival and the escape of several other Asgardians from Sanctuary II’s attack were confirmed by the Russos themselves. We imagine that it’s Thor’s top priority to round Valkyrie up and whatever army he could find to help defeat Thanos.

Source: Reddit