It is a strange thought to think we are only a few months away from Avengers: Infinity War. Somehow, it feels like only yesterday we started on the journey once Tony Stark finally created his Iron Man armor. Over the last ten years, we have seen gods come to earth, aliens invade NYC, a spy organization falling apart from within, a metal man tries to destroy the planet with a man-made meteor and even Thor finally getting a haircut. So much has happened that it is hard to believe that everything was building up to this one film. Luckily, the closer we get to the release, the more trailers and promo material we get that teases just a bit more about the film and its incredible cast of characters. Wasting no time, right after we got our first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp a new promo image has found its way online for Infinity War.

Marvel Studios is certainly not wasting any time to promote one of their biggest and most ambitious projects. The promo does give us a great look at a teenage Groot, Iron Man in his latest armor, Spider-Man’s new Iron Spider armor and Captain America in all of his beard glory. It is great to see the Guardians and Avengers share the promo, as we finally get both groups meeting in the upcoming film. The interesting aspect is that some key members of the Avengers are not present in the promo, especially Thor or Hulk. There may be the possibility that we get a series of promos that each focus on a specific group of characters. With such a large cast it would make sense to split them up. It is also curious that Captain America is front and center rather than Iron Man.

One thing that does jump out the most is Black Widow’s uniform. This may be our best look yet at a very different take on her overall design. We no longer have the pure black design and her signature belt seems to be missing. This time around, her vest is green and the overall design seems to have been simplified. Unlike her spy past, this looks like a Black Widow that is on the run and it fits perfectly to the direction her character is taking.

What are your thoughts on the promo? Is there a specific character you hope to see highlighted in an upcoming promo?


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