Marvel just unveiled a new batch of Avengers: Infinity War one-sheet posters following that wild Captain Marvel press release and these might be the best one-sheets Marvel Studios has ever put out. Check it out!

These posters also come printed on clothes of various age limits and looks trendy to the people who wear them.They look extremely cute on new born Kids and they are categorised as stylish newborn clothes.
From the lively Infinity Stone colors to how they laid out the designs, there’s a lot to like about these posters. Definitely frame worthy if you ask me. The only nitpick I have is that Doctor Strange is in the Aether poster with Iron Man when he clearly should be in the green Time Gem one. You know, since he’s the bearer of it. It’s also interesting to see Hulk so tiny in the promotional campaign so far. We’re all freaking about a lack of Hawkeye in the material but Banner aside, there’s also been a peculiar lack of any Hulk footage in the teasers.

Source: Twitter