While have yet to see the official Avengers: Infinity War poster, there hasn’t been any shortage of Infinity War promo art hitting the web, so much so that we’ve sort of stopped coverage on it. But when a really good one comes along, we find it important to share it with you guys. Take this new one from a Japanese online store that surfaced via Twitter. It’s easily the best promo art to amalgamate several of those promo shots we’ve seen………. even though the layout looks strikingly similar to the Battlefield Earth poster. Check it out!

Joking aside, this really is a fantastic piece of promotional material. The looming Kubrick-stare by the Mad Titan. The iconic Avengers logo super-imposed on the heroes. This is something worth framing! No word yet on when the next trailer lands or whether the official poster will be attached to it but we reckon that by March, we should be seeing more Avengers: Infinity War goodies then.

Source: Rakuten