Avengers: Infinity War is currently filming in Edinburgh, Scotland and is filming what seems to be a central part of the plot. Last week, we were privy to one second of footage showing Vision attacked by two villains armed with staves. Now, courtesy of Twitter user @richardriddell, we may have a more solid idea of who was laying the beat down on Vision.

If our thinking is correct, these two characters, who are clearly entirely CGI/motion-captured, may turn out to be Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight, two members of Thanos’s Black Order, a group of powerful henchmen created by Jonathan Hickman during his run on New Avengers. Based on comments made by mo-capper Terry Notary, we already felt pretty confident that the Black Order is going to make its cinematic debut next year, and this evidence from the set definitely doesn’t work against that theory!

The character in the still photo has a pike that is nearly identical to the one wielded by Thanos’s highly-favored servant, Corvus Glaive. If you’re unsure, check out this comic comparison:

That’s as near to beat-for-beat as you’re likely to get in a Marvel Studios comic book adaptation and we know that the Russo brothers have taken inspiration from the recent Hickman run!

The video shows another character armed with a staff, and while we aren’t quite as confident about the identity of this CGI character, we do believe that to be the staff wielded by the nearly invincible Proxima Midnight, the wife of Corvus Glaive. Check out the comparison below:

We’ve speculated on this previously, but it’s clear that Vision will be a target of Thanos. It’s entirely possible that Thanos, despite the warnings of the The Other in The Avengers, sends his henchmen to retrieve the Mind Stone from Vision rather than doing the dirty work himself. The big scene in Edinburgh, still being filmed throughout the next week, could be just that!

What do you guys think about these set shots? Could we be looking at confirmation of The Black Order?

Sources: Twitter, We Got This Covered