The upcoming newest pod of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is building up quite a lot of steam for the April 4th release, as we are receiving posters focusing on the various characters new lives and offering small hints at what we can expect when we once again meet our former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. In an earlier article, we got a look at Phil Coulson’s new life as a teacher, where we have the first hints at HYDRA’s influence on the world. The Inhumans are seen as terrorists and danger, which wasn’t too far off of how Senator Nadeer viewed them. Now, we are slowly receiving more looks at what we can expect in the upcoming episodes.

The second picture gives us a closer look at the still remaining agents. It gives us less information to speculate on, but it is rather interesting to see these three together again. Going by their history, it will be interesting to see how Daisy, or Skye once again, as the sneak peak revealed, can potentially infiltrate HYDRA without anyone realising that she is not acting the way she usually would. There are many questions on what position May exactly has in this new organisation, and it would not be surprising for her to uncover her quite easily.

It looks like Fitz has earned an important position as part of the HYDRA regime. If we go by this picture, he seems to be working on making sure that people will comply to their rules. By the ending of the last episode, we know that this version grew up with Simmons by his side, who we last saw in a grave without any information on what exactly happened to her. Seeing a darker version of Fitz is actually intriguing, as we saw him go to dark places in the past. It would be interesting to see if Whitehall might return, being the person he assists due to his own fascination with the mind control.

Here’s the biggest surprise, as we see that the Patriot seems to be hunted down by HYDRA. Every character received a version of themselves they once hoped for, and going by Mace’s regret of being a coward this makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, it hints at SHIELD having taken over as a small organisation trying to take down the evil regime that looms above everyone’s head. It will be interesting to see how he plays into the overall story, as he was left out at the end of the last episode.

So far, we have received a look at most of the major characters of the last season, but there is still two more days to go until the episode officially airs. We may potentially get a poster of Madame Hydra, who has been confirmed to appear in this show, as well as the still uncertain fate of Simmons and potentially Radcliffe. It also might be interesting if they tease returning characters from season pass, as some have hinted at a return of B.J. Britt’s Agent Trip.

What do you think of the posters? Do you think we will see one for Simmons before the release?