A few days ago, Marvel released the first wave of motion posters for The Defenders, featuring the four Defenders situated in each other’s home turf. In them, we saw Matt and Jessica hanging out in the premises of Rand Tower, Luke Cage posing in Fogwell’s gym and Danny Rand meditating in front of the offices of Alias Investigations. A cool and fun way of teasing the amount of crossover we’re getting in the show. Well, Marvel just released a batch of four new ones to cap off the weekend and they’re even cooler, more fun and feature some more easter eggs.

First, we have Krysten Ritter standing in front of a green screen Jessica Jones sitting in front of the Harlem’s Switzerland, Pop’s Barbershop. The inclusion of Pop’s in a Defenders promo (and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the trailer) pretty much confirms that Luke and Bobby Fish have finally gotten the barbershop up and running. This also makes me desperately want a scene where Jessica is obliged to put tons of cash in the swear jar.

Next up is Luke Cage being all blasphemous with the caption asking dissuading Matt Murdock to ditch his local watering-hole for alleged better ones in Harlem. How could Luke do this?! In all seriousness, Luke Cage hanging out in Josie’s is a fun nod to his previous bar-ownership days. I kinda wish Luke would revisit that now that he’s gotten (most of) his life back together. Who knows? Maybe the four of them end up having a drink here in the show.

Here we have Danny Rand looking like he wasn’t allowed inside Harlem’s Paradise. This particular motion poster is interesting because you can clearly see Sigourney Weaver‘s Alexandra in the SUV behind him. The fact that she’s in a Luke Cage-themed motion poster and is in front of Harlem’s Paradise leads me to believe that she may have a relationship with Alfre Woodard‘s Mariah Dillard. While Dillard’s not exactly on the same financial level as Alexandra, both are women of power and seem to be in the circles of the influential, so it makes in the least. Also in the poster is the front page of the Daily Bulletin; the issue where Danny gets hilariously framed in Iron Fist. With The Defenders set a month after the events of Iron Fist, I’m suspecting that the ramifications of what he went through with Harold Meachum will seep into this show one way or another.

This other image of Jessica Jones has her breaking into Colleen Wing’s Chikara Dojo. On the dojo floor are visible piles of purple gunk/stains. Knowing Colleen’s involvement in Iron Fist‘s fiasco with the Hand and the presence of a vigilante private investigator, I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that Colleen is involved in one of the inciting incidents of The Defenders. Also, we see someone’s silhouette pass by through the fire exit window. I really hope that’s Matt sneaking around as well.

What did you guys think of these motion posters? Do any of them excite you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter