Ryan Coogler’s highly-anticipated Black Panther is deep into production in Atlanta and, for the most part, has taken place away from prying eyes. The film is expected to see T’Challa’s new position as King of Wakanda challenged from threats both abroad and at home and a new casting call suggests that this weekend may see some action on the domestic front.

For “Black Panther” – African/ African American MEN – Higher $ pay

Please read carefully, especially the WORK DATE OPTIONS below as well as the HAIR requirements

Working tomorrow, FRI 3/10, SAT 3/11, SUN 3/12 and MON 3/13 If you came to the open call or submitted previously, please submit as well….this post is for difficult availability with weekend dates

CASTING FOR AFRICAN / AFRICAN AMERICAN- MEN!!! WARRIOR TYPES – MEN – AFRICAN / AFRICAN AMERICAN – ages 20 to 45 – Physically fit MEN to be warriors . IMPORTANT HAIR NOTE 1. Men must have shorter hair or willing for us to cut it short/neat and NO facial hair (or willing to shave)

Working tomorrow, FRI 3/10, SAT 3/11, SUN 3/12 and MON 3/13 and we can also have a group that starts on Sat thru Mon So it’s either 1. ALL 4 DAYS or or 2. 3 DAYS starting Saturday . Daytime FILMING slightly southwest of Atlanta (early morning start time).

Obviously all we can do is speculate, but we know that Michael B. Jordan is playing Erik Killmonger in the film and the expectation of many is that at some point, Killmonger will attempt to overthrow T’Challa. Could this weekend’s 3-day shoot include some Wakanda tribal combat? With the filming apparently happening on location, it’s a good bet that some set photos might make their way out to give us a better idea of what’s going on! Maybe we’ll get a look at T’Challa taking on Killmonger amid the chaos!

Black Panther is currently filming and will be in theaters February 17, 2018.

SOURCE: Project Casting