Following Empire’s reveal for the subscriber-exclusive Black Panther cover a few days back, the magazine has finally unveiled the newsstand edition of the issue. It features the proud king of Wakanda displaying the high-tech capabilities of his new vibranium suit!

We first learned about the armor’s energy channeling capabilities when it was first revealed in the Black Panther SDCC poster back in July. We’ve since had glances of this particular feature in the latest trailers and TV spots. This poster is one of the few instances where we can see T’Challa’s actual eyes in the mask. Harkening back to John Romita Jr.‘s take on the mask, T’Challa will finally be able to emote using eyes in the film, as opposed to having an expressionless mask. While it’s a bit off-putting for fans used to the classic white eyes, it’s a nice subtle progression for the suit.

Along with this cover are two new images released by Empire. Check ’em out!

Source: Empire