It’s been some time since the last Avengers: Infinity War promo art surfaced. A couple of months back, a rascal artist for Marvel took to Instagram to reveal some Infinity War promotional material he was then currently working on. The promo art unveiled a first good look at Captain America’s rugged ensemble for the film and new looks at Spider-Man’s Iron Spider armor, teenage Groot, Iron Man and Star-Lord. Now, new seemingly legit promotional artwork providing a new look at Black Widow and Thor has emerged online, courtesy of a Russian movie theater stand-in promoting the film.

We have Black Widow rocking that white ‘do, replacing her signature batons with a new staff and Thor looking more ‘Ultimate’ than ever with his seemingly sleeker sleeveless armor and the addition of more glowing circular pendants. But while these new character designs perfectly line up with what we’ve seen from the SDCC Avengers: Infinity War triptych mural/poster, some people think its fake like noted set photographer Atlanta Filming:

Regardless of whether they end up legit or not (the photoshop job on these characters look crazy real and professional to us!), the images do the job of getting us hyped with all the new looks for the characters. Just yesterday, we saw Hawkeye’s Ronin look for Avengers 4 and it was awesome. These Black Widow and Thor pics are no exception. We hope those are their new looks because they look kickass…. and we like to see Scarlett with a staff and Thor get Ultimatized.

Source: Twitter