The tension has been building for Captain America: Civil War, which will hit movie theaters in May. In the previously released trailer, the chants “United We Stand” and “Divided we fall” showed the divisiveness between Iron Man and Captain America. With a new series of posters released today, it appears that “Divided We Fall” is continuing to be the theme for Captain America’s side in this battle.

In this new series of posters each team member has gotten their own profile view, framed by Captain America’s star symbol.

In addition to the new Posters, USA Today has released a new image of Cap from the film:

Along with the above photo, the outlet also revealed bits of their on set interview, including a couple of quotes from the film’s star himself, Chris Evans.

“It’s boring when a good guy knows how to be a good guy,” Evans says, during a filming break at the Porsche building outside downtown Atlanta that serves as Avengers headquarters. “It’s much more dynamic when a good guy isn’t sure what the good guy move is and has to debate another point of view from someone who may be very close to him.”

Adds Evans: “Nobody’s wrong here. No one’s promoting evil. No one’s the bad guy. We just have different ways of being the good guy and that can get fiery.”

With Marvel kicking the marketing into full gear for Captain America: Civil War this week, it’s hard not to think a trailer isn’t far behind. Especially with there being reports of Entertainment Tonight showcasing behind the scenes footage later this week.

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Source: Imgur and USA Today.