Note: The photos above contain minor spoilers for the film.

With Captain America: Civil War only a couple of weeks away, Marvel is beginning to pull back the curtain on the highly-anticipated film, not only releasing various new TV spots, but also plenty of stills from the recently completed movie.

This latest batch of stills comes courtesy of Airun Garky and seems to focus mainly on Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther, as well as a few of the other heroes in battle. Some of the images are bits we’ve already in whether it be via the trailers or TV spots, while a few others are entirely new, offering us glances at scenes otherwise yet to be revealed.

As one of the fans lucky enough to attend one of the various screenings hosted by Marvel, I will say that I’m surprised that they’ve released a few of these stills. Again, while they don’t contain major spoilers, they do feature bits from a couple of key scenes. Here’s to hoping Marvel eases back on the promo materials in the next couple of weeks, leaving plenty of surprises for fans when they head to the theaters to check out the film on May 6th.

Source Airun Garky Via Games Radar