As we get closer to Captain America: Civil War, press coverage is in full swing. We’ve had a series of banners featuring Team Cap and Team Iron Man facing off. Most of the posters have been much of the same, with only the slightest of changes on them. This latest poster, however, not only features new images of the cast, but is also an entirely new design – one with a less confrontational, even somewhat introspective, tone.

cap imax

Each character in this poster seems to be in their own world, perhaps matching the news that Captain America: Civil War will include specific reasons for each character to be fighting.

Unfortunately, while a few lucky cities will get to see Captain America: Civil War this week, the rest of us have to wait until May 6th to see the film when it officially opens in the United States. Missed the clip from last night’s MTV Movie Awards? You can catch that here. And as always, be sure to follow along here for all things Captain America: Civil War!

Source: io9.