Over the past few months, we’ve seen plenty of promo art for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film set to hit theaters this May. The first batch teased the two opposing teams, while other bits hinted at some fan-pleasing moments in the film, and as great as they’ve been, they haven’t offered the best of views of the characters in the film. Thankfully, courtesy of the Disney Store UK website, we have a better look at a few heroes in the film.

Along with the group shot above, a reader on Reddit discovered that there were separate banners for certain characters on the site as well. While we’ve already gotten a good look at most of the newer costumes, thanks to both the trailer and leaked promo art, the image of Hawkeye below is probably the clearest look we’ve gotten at the character’s new suit for Civil War.

With a little over four months left until Civil War hits the big screen, we can expect to see Marvel amp up promotion for the upcoming film over the coming weeks. For now, re-watch the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War again (and again, and again, and again).

Source: Reddit.