What can a low res hastily shot set photo tell us? Potentially quite a lot. If we’re as smart as we think we are (and it’s almost certain we’re not), the following may contain major spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.

It’s a seemingly innocuous and even boring photo (spoilers though if you were worried about the fate of the dump-truck), there are few clues here suggesting that this location may be standing in for Kampala, Uganda. The building bears the text Institute For Infectious Diseases, or IFID, and while there is no such organization in real life, there is in fact a Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) based in Kampala, Uganda. We can also see the logo for the IFID (to the left of the building text) which displays the continent of Africa on it, just as the real IDI symbol does.

Of course, given that this is a fictional organization in the MCU, it’s just as likely that it will instead be based in Lagos, but the connection to the real world IDI does make it possible that we’ll see numerous (real) African countries in Captain America: Civil War – and if we’re lucky, they’ll specify them as such, rather than just referring to these distinct countries by the catch all of “Africa.”

But even if the film doesn’t take place in Uganda, the appearance of the IFID may hint that Captain America: Civil War may be drawing upon an another iconic Avengers story-line, beyond that of the classic 2005 event comic of Civil WarAvengers: Red Zone. First published in Avengers #65-70 in 2002, Red Zone tells the story of how the Red Skull, posing as the U.S. Secretary of Defense, unleashes a chemical weapon at Mount Rushmore that kills hundreds of people. Though it’s somewhat undermined by the revelation that it was all simply a big Red Skull plot, much of the comic delves into themes that will likely be a part of the Civil War film, such as Captain America’s disgust with the government’s weapons development and a clash between the U.S. government and the Avengers. It’s worth noting that Captain America: The Winter Solider also drew heavily upon a comic story-line beyond the one named in the title – namely Johnathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors, which revealed that Hydra had been running SHIELD for years.

Of course, a single photo of a background logo is hardly dispositive proof that Captain America: Civil War will be drawing upon the Red Zone story line. But if they are adapting elements of Red Zone for the film, it raises more questions than answers. Will the biological weapon somehow be blamed on the avengers, and be the inciting incident for the registration act? Is Martin Freeman’s mystery character perhaps the Red Skull in disguise? Will the attack cause the Black Panther TO abandon his isolationist principles in order to help develop a cure, or will the Red Skull attempt to frame Wakanda for the attack, both of which are key elements in the comic? And will Falcon summon a horde of angry birds to attack the Red Skull? The answer to that last is probably no (maybe he’ll an army of drones instead), but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about Captain America: Civil War’s plot.

Updated: We now have a closer look at the set thanks to a photo from the folks over at Just Jared, as well as a video of the set which was uploaded by a Reddit user. You can check out both below.

And here’s a closer look at the set:

Source: Reddit 1 & 2 and JustJared.