The Defenders hype is real, and after seven thousand lucky fans got to see the first episode last night at San Diego Comic-Con (My non-spoiler review of which is coming later today) it’s time for the whole world to know a little bit more about Sigourney Weaver‘s mystery villain, Alexandra. It appears that Netflix has finally decided to give everybody a look at the villain, and her relationship with the ever-mysterious Madame Gao.

This will be the third Marvel Netflix series where Gao has popped up, having been in both seasons of Daredevil and having a major role in Iron Fist. But what is she planning with Alexandra? Even those that have seen the first episode don’t know, but it can’t be good.

What do you think of this pair working together? Is this first look at Weaver everything that you want it to be? Let us know, in the comments! Meanwhile, we’ll all have to wait until August 18 to see the full eight episodes of The Defenders, on Netflix.