All eyes are currently on Captain Marvel but not long after we will also see the release of Marvel TV’s Cloak and Dagger. The teenage duo returns on April 4th, as they try to clean up their city from the corruption that is spreading. Both of them are learning to use their powers to their fullest, as they try to stop the criminal underbelly. Their biggest fear will become one of ideology. Next season will introduce us to Mayhem, who will force the two to question if what they are doing is actually good. The latest trailer highlights this conflict and also teases more of what is to come, as we finally get a good look at Mayhem in action.

The show will return once again for a ten-episode season and the trailer really highlighting the new direction. We finally got through the origin story in the first season and can now explore both characters a bit more. Tandy and Tyrone will have to start working together, especially as they are faced with the new and dangerous Mayhem. An interesting tidbit is that we don’t actually see O’Reilly’s green claws. There is a brief instance where she cuts through a person’s throat with her bare hands but we don’t see the iconic green glow. If you consider it is shown quite a bit in the advertisements, it is rather strange they would not show in the actual trailer. Perhaps they focused on preparing the abilities of the main character and want to keep a sense of mystery around her abilities. It would explain why there was an extra remark about Mayhem’s ability to slice the man without a weapon. Just as an interesting observation after most o the promotional material highlighted the green slashes.

What do you think? Will we get Mayhem’s iconic green in the series? What are your hopes for Cloak and Dagger?

Source: YouTube