Cloak and Dagger released a brand new trailer online through Twitter. The first trailer for the upcoming Freeform show was first shown in April. It was present at NYCC alongside Hulu’s Runaways and we even got a new poster for the teen drama at the time. The show’s display highlighted the black-white theme that they are using to highlight the characters powers. It wasn’t until January that we got a new trailer and finally an official release date. With its upcoming release on June 7th, it seems that Marvel is finally building up a bit more steam for their teen drama, as they released a 1-minute trailer showing the contrasting nature of its main duo.

Marvel is truly nailing the “duality” aspect of this show. We get a good look at their respective powers with hints at how they are intertwined. It teases the backstory that connects them while also highlighting the different paths their lives have put them on. It conveys a lot of emotions without a single line of dialogue being spoken. There is a lot of mystery being built around a certain accident that ties them together so it will be interesting how they will tackle this part of their origin story and if they will build up to its inevitable reveal.

Did you enjoy the trailer? Are you looking forward to the show?

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