Marvel concept artist Karla Ortiz shared some concept art for Doctor Strange on her Facebook wall. This was posted as a preview of the official Doctor Strange art book that will be released on November 22nd. Among these concept art images were designs for Baron Mordo’s outfit that did not make it in the film. The concept images are shared below:

mordo alternate

mordo alternate2

These concept images showcase the drastic design changes that Mordo’s character underwent. His first outfit is perhaps most similar to that worn by the Ancient One, with long flowing robes. The second outfit is scaled back and is very close to the outfit worn by Doctor Strange in the film.

The final outfit seen in the film is different from these two concept images. The simpler approach to Mordo’s costume may be due to the character’s numerous action scenes so as not to impede movement. In addition, as one of the central sorcerers featured in the film, his design had to be unique and memorable.

It’s also interesting to note that in these concept images it looks like Mordo is sporting what appears to be an early version of the signature “dark dimension” tattoo on his forehead that both Kaecilius (as well as his zealots) and the Ancient One had in the film. This hints at a possible change in the script at some point where Mordo ends up channeling power from the Dark Dimension either or his own personal gains, or to aid Kaecilius.


It remains to be seen how Mordo’s outfit may evolve as his character recurs in other Marvel movies. The end credits sequence of Mordo’s villainous turn may indicate that the sorcerer may plan to shift his outlook more completely from that espoused by the Ancient One, and Strange. It is possible that Mordo may reappear in future films in a costume more indicative of his appearance in the comics.

Source: Karla Ortiz Facebook