Leading up to the Season Two premiere on March 18, the Daredevil marketing team has released moving posters for most of the main characters. With the reveal in last week’s second trailer that The Hand will be in Season Two, it’s no surprise that the folks at Marvel are giving us a new poster featuring The Man Without Fear as he takes on a gang of sword-wielding ninjas.

This image follows the dark, gothic tone that has been in the previous Season Two posters, with a feel of a classical oil painting… with Ninjas. A classical oil painting with ninjas. (Hello, I’m Rhiannon, a new writer here at MCU Exchange, and I like to talk about ninjas.)

One nice detail in this poster is that it gives us a better look at The Hand’s costumes. In Season One we saw the classic red ninja costume for Nobu, who we are assuming is in The Hand.

However, the ninjas in this new poster appear to be in a black costume, with red accents. It more closely resembles Elektra’s costume than Nobu’s.

There has been speculation that Elektra will be a member of The Hand, as she was after her revival in the comics. Perhaps this ties her to the gang of ninjas?

However, there is no lack of red-and-black costumes in Daredevil, as the Daredevil costume itself has been reborn in red-and-black for the Netflix Series, with matching billy clubs. Fantastic, gorgeous, deadly billy clubs. If, like me, you haven’t seen enough of those billy clubs in action, you should check out the MCU Exchange remix of the Daredevil trailers.

So what do you think of the new poster? Have I obsessed over costumes and ninjas too much? Have I left out a chance to talk about ninjas more? Let me know in the comments!