With only ten days until the Daredevil premiere, we have seen trailers, moving posters, regular posters, and, just yesterday, billboards offering us our first looks at the full costumes for both Elektra and the Punisher, as well as a better look at Daredevil’s updated suit and cowl. Of course, while those billboard images were official looks from Netflix, they weren’t exactly the clearest of views. So it was a nice surprise to see that the Daredevil Twitter account released a new poster featuring the three characters sporting their full costumes, giving us an even better look at them.

The first thing about this poster that should make any fan excited is that we see The Punisher’s shirt, in all of it’s skull-emblem glory. While this shirt showed up in the billboards yesterday, this image shows it more clearly. It even looks as though it could be armour-plated. Perhaps Daredevil will introduce his new friend to Melvin Potter?

We have seen a lot of Daredevil’s new helmet, but this shot really shows that he no longer has the red piece over his ear, which may be part of the reason why the suit looks more practical.

As for Elektra, in the new images, she’s wearing a black piece over her face, while in the previews it was red. Her full red-and-black costume makes me wonder if this is yet another sign that she will be, or become, a part of The Hand.

Are you as excited as I am about seeing these new costumes evolve in Season Two? How excited are you for The Punisher’s skull-shirt to finally be revealed? We’ll finally know everything when season two of Daredevil premiers on March 18!

Source: Daredevil Twitter Account.