Update: It appears we were mistaken. The images revealed from the @ManufactureNY Twitter account were from the SOURCING at MAGIC panel that happened earlier this week, and they are actually of the costume from the first season of Daredevil.

You can read the original article below.

Thanks to the Twitter account @ManufactureNY, we have our first look at Matt Murdock’s new suit for Daredevil Season 2. The picture below was captured at the Sourcing at Magic Expo which is held every Feburary and August in Las Vegas.

This is clearly a new design. The original suit shown near the end of Season 1 of Daredevil was mostly red/dark red while this new suit has a good chunk of black, particularly on the helmet and chest piece. I’ve included a picture of the Season 1 suit below for comparison.

While the image made it’s rounds, it’s legitimacy of course was put into question. Thankfully, Netflix nipped that in the bud quickly and released a teaser of the suit via their official Twitter account – which you can check out below. It’s only a small look at the suit, but the differences (and comparisons with the leak) are apparent.

I for one was fairly indifferent on the design of the suit. With that said, this newer version looks like a welcome upgrade. What do you think of the Season 2 suit? Sound off in the comments below.