It seems like this new season of Daredevil is returning to its fire symbolism that hasn’t been used since the first season, along with Matt’s whole “world on fire” imagery as hinted at with the flames reflecting off his glasses. But, the biggest reveal in this teaser is the fact that Wilson Fist, the Kingpin, will finally don his classic white tailored suit from the comics.

Seems like the mission statement for this season is returning to basics, as we’re headed to an adaptation of Born Again with Wilson Fisk slowly ruining Matt Murdock’s life little by little, until he has to abandon it entirely like he seems to be doing in this teaser, while Matt himself will don his original black costume from the very first season.

Some promo images were also released, showing that the Kingpin’s new white suit will seem to be a staple for the season as he either escapes from prison or is exonerated and begins fulfilling his promise to the lawyer that put him there.

This season is looking to be one of the best and we haven’t even seen Wilson Bethel as Bullseye yet, but he may be behind Wilson in the second promo image, since he is described as an FBI sharpshooter.

Can’t even imagine what an actual trailer is going to be like.

Source: Twitter (Promo Images)