With The Defenders only a few days away, marketing for the show has been firing on all cylinders. And following the abundance of new posters, images, and the final trailers, Marvel and Netflix have released 2 new clips teasing the much-awaited meeting of the Daughters of the Dragon and a very interesting confrontation between Alexandra and Stick. Check it out below!

First thing’s first, the Daughter of the Dragon meet up we’ve been waiting for. Ever since these two characters were included in the Marvel Netflix world, fans have longed for a Daughters of the Dragon team up moment. While the clip doesn’t necessarily put the two in an ass-kicking situation, it’s nonetheless cool AF to see to a classic comic book duo come together. We’re digging the banter they have so far and Misty’s full-on afro. All that’s really missing is that metal arm of hers.

As much as I love seeing Misty and Colleen come together, it’s this clip with Alexandra and Stick that intrigues me the most. Specifically, Alexandra’s use of the term “old friend” towards Stick. Even though I’ve long suspected the two to have made each other’s acquaintances in the past, I never expected them to have a relationship with an implied deepness to it. The Defenders costume designer Stephanie Maslansky once described Alexandra’s wardrobe as one that reflected a kind of “ancientness”, one that may have lived “a lot of lives.” It’s possible that Alexandra may have been around the time Stick started the Chaste (or so he says which I think is BS). Given her sinister term of endearment towards Stick, it’s likely that these two ruthless leaders have been duking out it decades back. Or maybe she literally was just referring to Stick as a geezer. Who knows? We’ll find out this Friday when the show freaking premieres!

What do you think of these new clips? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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