There is still some time until The Defenders releases in August but it does not seem to be a concern for the marketing team behind the Marvel Netflix shows, as they just released a bunch of motion posters giving us a small hint at the connections these characters have and the crossovers we could potentially see it. Here’s a breakdown of each of them.

The first motion poster has Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil standing in an elevator of Rand Enterprises. As evidenced by the number 13 right next to it, we can deduce through critical thinking that the elevator is on the 13th floor, a number deemed unlucky by the superstitious and a big no-no in Chinese Feng Shui. Now, correct us if we’re wrong, netizens of MCUExchange, but if we’re remembering correctly, this floor may be the one Madame Gao visited that one time in Iron Fist, furthering hints that Gao may have a large role in the series. A cool add-on to this poster are the Braille marks below the floor number. We can take comfort knowing that Rend Enterprises does care for the blind.

We see Jessica Jones waiting outside Rand Tower reading a newspaper with the headline “Wrong Side of the Tracks”. We don’t know what that could be a reference to but one might assume that the headline at hand (pun intended) could be a reference to the time Daredevil beat up a pedophile in the train yard or the time Danny Rand and Colleen stole a chemist from a shipyard (we’re trying real hard to connect to dots here!!). Inside the lobby of Rand Tower is a woman who looks a lot like Jeryn Hogarth, another character we know is appearing in the series.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that each most poster is referencing a location most associated with the individual characters. For the third one, we have Iron Fist meditating in front of Jones’ Alias Investigations door waiting for her. Behind the door is a silhouette of someone inside the room. What is rather interesting is that the caption for the poster: Meditation tip: Make plans early with @JessicaJones. She’s always late. So unless Finn Jones is still naive as he was in Iron Fist and has no idea that Jessica is already in her office, the silhouette could be Malcolm’s, a dude we know has an involvement with the show.

Luke Cage certainly seems ready to take on Murdock in a fight. Once again we see Daredevil’s red clash with Cage’s yellow, which could hint at the two having a brawl at one point in the film, matching up with Mike Colter‘s comments from yesterday. Him standing in Fogwell’s gym is also a nice touch considering he fought a drug lord in a Harlem gym in his own show. Another cool thing about this poster is that we see that fight poster from Daredevil Season 1 in the background.

Speaking of Matt, we get another motion poster featuring him, as he silently sits at a bus stop, that is presumably in Harlem, listening to what is happening around him. The “Longtime listener” is a nice reference to the introductions callers give when calling in a radio show. The graffitis are a bit harder to discern but we do know that next to the bench is an image of Stan Lee’s police poster. While the others seem to focus more on teasing stand-offs and connections between the characters, this one seems surprisingly somber with Matt contemplating things. It does make sense considering his state at the end of season 2 and could be a hint at where his character is coming from before uniting with the others.

What are your thoughts on the motion posters? What do you think they could be hinting at?