We are just about a month away from the crown jewel of the Marvel TV/Netflix deal. The Defenders, an 8-episode crossover event, bringing together the “devil of Hell’s Kitchen, the smart ass detective, the righteous ex-con and the kid with the glowing fist,” will begin streaming on August 18th. With that just around the corner, marketing has ramped up (we expect a new trailer VERY soon) and we have another new poster, courtesy of EW.

The poster, complete with each hero’s color palate blending into the next, doesn’t give away anything (other than a popped collar on Danny which is inching him closer and closer to an actual comic book looking costume) but it’s a beauty and gives us a nice backdrop of New York as a reminder as to why these 4 very different people come together. These posters, along with one for The Punisher, will be made available at the Marvel booth at SDCC ’17!

With Luke Cage and Jessica Jones filming their respective second seasons now and Daredevil in pre-production on its third, we know we’ll have much more from those characters (and we expect an announcement for a 2nd season of Iron Fist to come soon) in the future, but just in case it’s been a while since you’ve seen them in action, all seasons are still streaming on Netflix now! Also, it’s a good day to rewatch what is a pretty excellent trailer, so you’re welcome.

Source: EW via SDCC Unofficial Blog Twitter