In case you missed the big news that dropped over the weekend, filming for the Defenders was finally completed after a 5-month long shoot. The production wrap up was confirmed by the some of the cast and crew’s social media updates. Now we got some cool news to follow up on that nugget as Y-Cats & Jayse Craft Service, a catering service that worked on the Defenders wrap party, posted an image on Instagram featuring a custom-themed cake they created alongside official promotional Joe Quesada artwork.

In case you haven’t been up to date, most of the official Marvel/Netflix concept art released to the public have been designed by Joe Quesada, with the exception of the Jessica Jones one which was designed by Alex Maleev. The image is cool as hell as it features the four goober vigilantes of New York hanging next to each other as the evil of Sigourney Weaver‘s Alexandra looms behind them. Seen beside Alexandra is what we presume to be Elektra. No word if this poster will be released to the public come San Diego Comic-Con (assuming the show isn’t out by July) or if this is a cast and crew exclusive memorabilia. Regardless, we want that poster and we want it now!


Spotted to go along with this Joe Quesada artwork is a seemingly new logo for the show shared by Elektra herself, Elodie Yung on her Instagram account. You know we’re hungry for anything Defenders related when we’re covering a mundane logo sighting but whatever. There isn’t a ton of difference with this design and the previous one except for the stylized tails of certain letters. I personally like this one more as it evokes the mysticism the show is going to tackle.

What do you think of these new Joe Quesada promotional images? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Instagram