Guess what? The Defenders is finally a week away!! After years of waiting, we have seven days to go until we see the team kick the crap out of some undead ninjas. And guess what? A new promotional poster has been spotted online, uniting the team as Stick and Alexandra loom behind them. The Reddit user who came across it alleges that it was sidebar advertisement for a website. Check it out:

Okay, that may not be the greatest poster Marvel has ever put out but it sure is something. In fact, it looks a wee-bit fanmade if not for the Elektra image they used but for now, let’s assume its real. I’ve always been vocal about how bland and 2grungy4me their marketing campaign has been for the past few weeks but this is definitely a step in the direction I want them to take. You got the four heroes upfront as they’re flanked by the masterful seniorities of the show; mentors to warriors representing their side of the war. And below you got Elektra and her ninjas, ready to take over New York mercilessly.

And speaking of 2grungy4me promotonal material, the official Defenders Facebook page just released a series of images highlighting how brooding these characters are in their appetite for pizza.

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Source: Reddit