Coming off of those Defenders set pictures last week featuring Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock taking a stroll down the street, some new set photos from the much awaited Netflix street team up have surfaced once more. This time, the images feature Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, and the greatest barista known to man – Luke Cage – hanging out as they commute from one place to another via subway.

These images are from Getty so as always, we can’t post them without being sued so we’ll have to link it instead.

I’m a sucker for these images so whatever they release I’ll eat up. These pictures aren’t exactly mind-blowing per se but just seeing Luke get added to the mix of these Matt and Jessica photos fills my heart with Defenders excitement. As to why they’re taking the train together, I’m guessing Danny refused them a ride in his dope sports car and then they decided to take the subway to gossip about how Danny’s dragon tattoo looks fake. Or maybe it’s something else entirely, who knows?

Source: Getty Images

Unrelated shameless plug: In case some of you missed it, I edited this thing together using a page from Alias #18 and the Defenders set photos from last week.