A new video has surfaced from the set of the much-awaited The Defenders showcasing the team chilling in what appears to be a lobby of a building. This video comes courtesy of the same site that released this footage of the team running intensely. How these people manage to bootleg a video on a Marvel set is beyond us but good for them I guess.

Anyway, the video sees Daredevil in costume (stretching nonstop which goes to show how uncomfortable superhero suits are) alongside Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, a slender woman that we definitely think is Elektra, and a woman in a trench coat that we think is Claire. The scene has them walking around the lobby – DD looking out of place as hell as everyone is dressed up for casual Friday – as the crew flash police lights at them. There’s no clear look whether that Daredevil costume is new or not but I’m hoping it is just because. Another thing we aren’t certain of is whether that’s actually Charlie Cox inside the suit.

You know what else we’re uncertain of? The Defenders premiere date. Luckily, a rumor just surfaced claiming that a Defenders trailer will be coming this Friday, the same day Iron Fist premieres. It makes sense as the Netflix shows are starting to cross-pollinate their marketing pushes. If you some of you guys remember, a trailer for Luke Cage was attached as a post-credits scene to the second season of Daredevil. And along with that trailer, we’ll probably get a premiere date so stay tuned.

Source: Comic-Con News