In this months issue of Empire Magazine (in stores now), Dan Jolin was able to sit down with both the Cast and Crew to find out a bit more about our new Man Without Fear and how Daredevil might connect to the larger MCU as a whole. Overall it’s a quality read and I won’t transcribe it word for word as I think everyone should go pick up a copy, but I will touch on some of the newer revealed information that could give us some more hints at what to expect for the upcoming Netflix series. You can check all of the pictures out from the article here.

The biggest piece of news to come out of the interview is that Daredevil will definitely take place Post-Avengers. Here is the quote covering that from Marvel Television’s Emma Fleischer.

We are still part of the Marvel Universe but we are not explicitly in that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. world. We are in our own corner. So the aliens came down and ruined the city, and this is the story of Hell’s Kitchen’s rebuild.

Additionally, production designer Loren Weeks chimes in with another quote.

The Avengers save the world. Our guys save the neighborhood.

On the topic of Daredevil’s costume, which was very hush-hush on the set during Empire’s visit, costume designer Stephanie Maslansky explains to Empire at length how she sourced Matt’s first, all-black outfit from practical sports and military wear, repurposing garments from companies like McDavid, G-Star and CAT. When pressed about possibly seeing horns or the classic red suit, she shuts down and has this to say:

In the end, somebody else [in the story] makes his Daredevil costume. What’s really exciting is the evolution of it, and how he comes to have it made.

Showrunner Steven DeKnight then elaborates a bit more on the suit:

Without giving too much away, this show is Matt learning to be a hero. He starts in that first iteration of the Daredevil outfit (black and masked from the nose up) which is taken very much from the Frank Miller and The Man Without Fear. But I always questioned [the main costume]. I mean, one, he’s blind. Did he stitch it together himself? How did he manage all that? So, actually getting him to the point I thought was really interesting.

When asked if, beyond The Defenders, Daredevil will return for Season 2, DeKnight had this to say.

We certainly hope so! I mean, it’s totally up to Netflix. But I think it’s a phenomenal season and we certainly end up in a place where we could tell many other stories.

Additionally, nobody on the set would deny that there would be an appearance by Daredevil in the forthcoming movies and according to Charlie Cox the connection to the MCU extends a bit farther than “a couple of very casual Easter-egg references to other superheroes”.

Go check out the full article in the newest issue of Empire Magazine and let us know what you think of the newly revealed details in the comments below.