After a long and difficult process, Marvel and Sony finally locked down their choice for the new Spider-Man as well as the new director. Yesterday they announced that Tom Holland and Jon Watts have joined the reboot in the starring role and the director respectively. Both choices are interesting for different reasons and thanks to some new reports, we have more information on how the decisions were made as well as the role Spider-Man will have in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel and Sony saw 1,500 teen actors before ultimately choosing Holland. During the first round of testings, the actors tested alongside Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man). Holland then moved on to do a test screening with Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America). The report goes on to state that Holland was the only actor to do test screenings with both Evans and Downey.

Holland also signed a contract with Marvel and Sony to appear in at least three movies in addition to the previously mentioned Captain America: Civil War. Once more details become available it will likely be revealed that the contract is much longer. This version of Spider-Man has to be around for a long time and it would not surprise me if this is the longest contract that Marvel has signed someone to.

As for the decision of Watts as a director, the shortlist had been dwindled down to directors Ted Melfi (St. Vincent) , Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50, The Wackness), as well as Watts. According to Variety, Melfi and Levine both became frustrated with the decision process and removed themselves from consideration. This may make it seem like Watts landed the gig out of sheer luck but Borys Kitt of The Hollywood Reporter claims differently.


As far as the role that Spider-Man will have moving forward, it has long been assumed that he will have a minor role in Captain America: Civil War but it may be even smaller than many thought. Variety reported that his role is nothing more than a mere cameo. There is always the chance that his role could be beefed up during re-shoots as the planned filming schedule for the film is coming to a close.

As for the costume? As of right now, we don’t know too much. Kevin Feige has already talked about how there has been an amateur version of Spider-Man swinging around New York in a homemade version of his suit. Hopefully we will get a look at this suit soon before he upgrades in his solo outing, maybe sporting an Iron Spider suit given to him by Tony Stark himself.

The untitled Spider-Man reboot is scheduled to hit theaters July 28, 2017.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and Variety