Hearts of fans were broken everywhere when word of a divorce between Sony and Disney came out. The child caught in the middle of it all: Spider-Man. Yes folks, Avengers: Endgame may have been the very last time we saw Spidey interact with a word larger than his own and that sucks. There’s a lot of blame and confusion going around with conflicting reports surfacing left and right. This latest one, from THR, sheds more light on just want went wrong with the deal.

  • According to the trade, Disney was asking for a 30% share from all Feige-produced Spidey films and not 50% as Deadline originally reported yesterday.

  • THR’s sources are saying that in the wake of the acclaim of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and box-office domination of Venom, films Sony produced without the help of Marvel Studios, executives are more confident in their ability to make their own Spidey films. The belief among executives is that they’ve “learned everything they need to know from Feige.”

  • Tom Holland has an option for one more movie while director Jon Watts has fulfilled his 2-picture deal.

It’s evident from these conflicting reports that Hollywood’s two corporate behemoths are negotiating through the press. They want each other to look bad in order for public opinion to steer the sheep. It’ll be interesting to see whether perception plays a part in resurrecting this deal.

Source: THR